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VALENCIA SPAIN for teenagers aged 12 - 17


Enjoy a Spanish summer learning vacation in Valencia, Spain's third largest city which has experienced a cultural renaissance in recent years.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, it has everything from pristine beaches to fascinating architecture and a world-class soccer team. It's a wonderful place to learn Spanish because although it's a big city, it still has a small town feel.

Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians have all left their mark in Valencia, but the city has been revitalized in recent years by Santiago Calatrava's futuristic "City of Arts and Sciences." This compound of intriguing structures is one of Europe's most imaginative millennial projects and has brought slews of new visitors to the city. Calatrava's buildings and a handful of pending cutting-edge projects have made Valencia a new hot-spot and one of the top desirable places to live in Spain.

40% of students attending this summer vacation are international students learning Spanish & 60% are Spanish students learning English... (more)


Your language vacation itinerary

  You will book your own flights and arrive independently into Valencia, not in a group. You will be met at the airport and taken to your accommodation. Your accommodation is included on the Sunday, our language courses start on Monday and finish Friday, departure day Saturday.

You will be studying and living with like-minded students of a similar age from around the world (40%) & with Spanish students (60%) under the supervision of our staff, with rules & curfews.

Spanish and international students are only separated during their morning language classes, they will experience everything else together!

School location & map

  Our campus is located in the university district of Valencia, within walking distance to the beach (20 minutes) and close to the city center.

Course options
& details

  :: 4 GROUP LESSONS DAILY - 20 lessons per week
We accept all levels
A lessons usually lasts 45 minutes
Course runs Monday through Friday starting at 9am
Course materials are included
You will take a placement test on the first Monday
Maximum 15 students per group class

Lodging options

Triple rooms, each with a full bathroom
Internet access and air conditioning
Includes 3 meals daily

Supervision, curfews & student info

  If staying in the RESIDENCE:
Supervision level is HIGH - This is a fully supervised program 24/7

Teens under 16 are not allowed to leave campus unaccompanied.

Teens aged 16 + are allowed off campus unescorted with rules, curfews and MUST have written permission from their parents or legal guardians. In all cases this permission is based on specific days, frequency and times which are determined by each camp director.

Estimated students on the immersion: 150+ students
Approx. 60% International students
Approx. 40% Spanish students learning English
Staff ratio 1 counselor for every 12 - 15 students

After class activities

  Enjoy a schedule of social & cultural activities during the week with other students and weekend excursions.

Other   Travel medical insurance is included in this vacation
Airport transfers from Valencia (pickup & drop-off)
Pre departure support & emergency assistance

Optional lessons in:

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IMPORTANT: To be completed ONLY by parents or legal guardians

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Big city with small town feel
Walking distance to the beach from school
Good campus & facilities
Nice beaches
Optional summer water sports program
Opportunity to live with Spanish students of the same age!
Live in residence or with a local family

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